Benefits of small group training.

Are you looking for a small group training facility? Read how you can take your
training to the next level with small group training

Benefits of small group training
Whether you’re looking to squeeze in a quick 30-minute session at the gym, or you enjoy a
bit of healthy competition, small group training is a popular way to get fit at gyms around

Here are a few reasons why:

More personalized time with your personal trainer.

A major benefit of attending small group classes is the ability to receive more personalized attention from your personal trainer. In direct contrast to larger group fitness classes, small group training ensures an uncrowded gym and a small number of people.

This gives your personal trainer or coach the opportunity to spend more time monitoring your progress.
Your personal trainer taking the group fitness class will also help you work on your form.
This means if you’re unsure how to use a particular piece of equipment in your chosen boutique gym, your personal trainer will be able to demonstrate and teach you. This ensures you get the most out of your small group fitness class.

Set and reach your personal goals in a boutique gym

When you join a boutique fitness facility, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of training in
small groups. This gives you the opportunity to compare your fitness level in relation to the
rest of your team, providing you with the incentive to push harder or set higher personal
fitness goals. Regularly attending small group training classes allows you to test yourself
each session on a variety of exercises and gradually progress on each of them.

Get motivated

Training in small group classes generally means you will be in a team of around 10 to 12
people. And if you join a boutique fitness facility, you will quickly get to know the names
and faces of the other members, in turn, you will begin supporting each other.

Having the support and camaraderie of members within your small group classes can be
just the thing you need to boost your training levels. If you’re a competitive person, having
others in the small group fitness class to measure yourself against might inspire you to try
to beat their time or their weight. And if you’re a shy person, find a facility that offers small
group training where they encourage you to perform at your best.

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